Laura Lussier

Actor. Director. TV Personality

Photo: Victoria Anne Photography

Photo: Victoria Anne Photography

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With 15 years of professional experience on stage and screen, Laura has the power and versatility to wow audiences of all ages. She is perfectly bilingual and works in both official languages without a discernable accent. Laura has acted in over 30 professional productions as well as in her own creations. She is known for her intelligence, her enthusiasm and her fun- loving personality.
Check out Laura’s C.V. for the list of her past and upcoming acting gigs, and click here to listen to her Voice Demo.

Photo: Kristen Sawatzky


As a young, up and coming director, Laura’s collaborative leadership style produces intelligent and captivating works. Actors love working with her and audiences can’t get enough of her creations. She discovered her passion for directing in 2009, and since then, she's lead a dozen projects, mostly World Premieres. For more details, please see Laura's bio and C.V.

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TV Personality

Laura is currently representing Western and Northern Canada on a show called 100% Local that showcases Canadian awesomeness in a fun but slightly competitive atmosphere. It airs nationwide on ICI Radio-Canada every week! (But if you missed an episode or two, you can watch them all here.) She also had the great pleasure of hosting over 130 episodes of Viens voir ici!, a travel and culture show broadcast nationally on TVA. Fans love her smile, her enthusiasm for life, her sense of humour and hilarious antics.
Click here to view Laura's Demo Reel!

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Artistic Director

Laura is the founder and Artistic Director of Théâtre p’tits bouts d'choux, a company that creates theatre for very young audiences. Our interdisciplinary creations aim to engage and enthrall tiny human beings with artistic and sensorial experiences which will feed their curiosity and imagination.
Watch the trailer for our latest creation, Chasing the Stars here!



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