Laura offers a wide variety of theatre workshops from improvisation to character creation to Commedia dell’arte to fit any group's needs. She's done hundreds of English, French and bilingual workshops all over Manitoba. Her energy and dynamism are contagious!  Whatever the topic, Laura engages all students in her workshops and pushes them to achieve great things.  She specializes in workshops for middle and high school aged students, but loves to teach younger students and young adults as well.

She’s even developed workshops that use theatre as a tool to motivate Basic French, Immersion and Francophone students to speak one of most beautiful languages in the world and feel comfortable doing it. She’s travelled all over Manitoba from Morden to Thompson as an instructor, earning rave reviews from teachers and students alike along the way.

Here are some examples of those rave reviews:

Teacher Comments

"Laura’s sense of humour quickly built a rapport with students. Students found her to be very friendly. Excellent facilitation, would recommend her to other teachers!"

"Laura’s enthusiasm was contagious. She engaged the students and they participated more than expected!"

"Laura was great! She understands kids and communicates very effectively and positively with them."

"Laura was very talented and had lots of energy. She was very professional at all times. She was very positive and encouraged all students to participate."

"One student’s comment to me: “Where did you find her and can we keep her??”

Student Comments

"Laura is awesome! I had a lot of fun with all the different activities that got everyone involved and out of their comfort zone!"

"It was an amazing experience!  I had a great time and I would participate 50 times if possible!"

"I spent the whole time laughing and I would do it again any day."

"Laura is phenomenal! It was lots of fun! She made everyone feel comfortable."


"Amazing! Fun and creative, helpful! I did not have as much fun as I did today in a while. I wish it was longer."

"Laura was a blast! She is da bomb!"

Private Coaching

Laura also coaches actors privately!  If you've gotten a role in a show, movie or play and you're looking for support, coaching really helps!  Here are some kind words from clients: 

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me during our sessions. I just finished a short movie for my sister and she was very impressed with how prepared I was. Also, I really felt comfortable with my character and really had the chance to enjoy the experience. So thank you very much for everything you taught me! It has already helped me a lot."

- Anik S. L., Actor

I had the pleasure of being coached by Laura Lussier in an individual workshop to prepare for a role in a television series. Laura quickly identified my specific needs. She then gave me, with empathy and enthusiasm, concrete tools based on her vast experience to allow me to deliver the best possible performance.

- Suzanne K., Actress and songwriter